9 – 12 year olds


More fun stuff from last week’s Wimpy Kids

Two poems by Wes T., age 12

Wimpy Kids, unite!

“War,” an epic tale by Lachen Reid, age 10

The first page of a story by Nico A., age 9

Magical places from Fairy Tales and Myths

A love story by Mackenzie K.G., age 11

Two stories by Soek Jun H.

“Mill Explosion Touches Many Lives” by Maedchen F.

Poems and a story by Amanda R., age 11

Mystery by Ashley R., age 9

Scary story by Daniel B., age 11

Dragon drawing by Ruby S., age 11

Water poem by Morganna O., age 11

“Poems Galore” and “Snakes” by April T., age 9

Cinquain and “Poems” and other poems by Shamli M., age 9

A spooky story by Anika A., age 11

“Hello! My name is Koko…” by Nayana G., age 9

“Ninja Pigs” by Nick L., age 9

“Once there was a cat named Lolliepop…”  and animal poems by Elizabeth B-E, age 9

A comic by David V., age 9

“A New Mill is Blooming Into the 20th Century!” by Ashley G. and “A New Mill” by Hannah S.

Visual journals by Nicholas M. and Willa L.

Stories about the Washburn Mill by Omer U. & Rosa K-D

2011 and earlier:

This is not how I pictured

Mill City Explosions!

Washburn Mill Explosion


Snares in the Serengeti

The Flour Packers of Washburn Mill

Giraffe Poachers in the Serengeti

Flour Mill Explodes, Money Lost

The Secret of Well-Trained Dogs

Animal Trap


O City . . . A little flea story

I hop on my magic skateboard

My Memory – Ben

My Memory – Claire

Memories – Sasha

My Pencil is Like – Bjorn

My Pencil is Like – David

I’m Just Me

The Mask

The Fighters of Freedom

Kid Spy

When I’m Alone – Alesha

When I’m Alone – Olivia

The Adventures of Koo-Koo

I put on my magic shoes

If tear drops were diamonds – Brittney

If tear drops were diamonds – Daniel


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