Not to be Missed

In a perfect world, you would wake up every morning and check out what’s happening on Young Writers @ The Loft.  You’d pour over new book reviews, keep up with the latest Loft news, and scan exciting new writing contests and activities in our posts.

But, we’re realistic.  Maybe you just heard about this blog yesterday.  You probably don’t have the time to check it every single day.  That’s okay.

The only problem is, we don’t want you to miss anything!  So, we’re creating this useful page, entitled Not to be Missed because it’s full of what we’d consider to be the most important stuff we’ve posted over the last months.  This way you’ll never miss the really good posts, even if you only have time to check in occasionally.

Resources for young writers:

Amazing Arts High Schools!


Writing Tips from Carrie Mesrobian

Writing Tips from Anna and Sarah Beth

Writing contests and opportunities:

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards (and scholarships!)

Young Voices of America Tell a Funny Story Contest

The ACCESS/Print Project

Writing activities and other fun stuff to do:

Discount bookstores

Rain rain, why don’t you stay?

Student Discounts to the Arts

Open Field at the Walker

In Celebration of Banned Books

A Very Potter Musical

Writing Inspiration

Wild Rumpus Bookstore

Cell phone novel writing


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