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Kids’ responses to fun writing prompts

This past weekend, the Loft and the Minnesota Center for Book Arts hosted a fun event for all of the Combo Classes we’ve held this summer. In Combo Classes, students start the day upstairs at the Loft, working on their creative writing, then go downstairs to MCBA to create book art. This year, for the first time ever, students had the unique and exciting opportunity to display their book art in the gallery here at Open Book. We held a reception to celebrate.

Visit the Loft’s Facebook page for pictures of the reception.

For a fun activity at the reception, we handed out writing prompts. A few student artists were brave enough to share what they came up with.

By Isak D., age 9

By Andrew K., age 8

By Daniel B., age 10

Also by Daniel B., age 10

Many thanks to We adapted the prompts slightly from their Daily Themes.





More fun stuff from last week’s Wimpy Kids

A drawing by Isaiah K., age 9

By Astrid A., age 11

A comic by Wes T., age 12

Another comic by Wes T., age 12

A twisted fairy tale by Thiago X., age 11

Hunger Games poem by Clare L., age 11

Clare L., age 11

By Tyler T., age 9


Poems & pictures from Do It, Read It, Write It

Teaching artist Professor Sepoc (aka Jane Snell Copes) offered a class this week called Do It, Read It, Write It. It’s a fun class, full of not only reading and writing stories, but science experiments. The experiments don’t really work in this format, but we’re happy to share some of the kids’ writing.

A shape poem by Michelle H., age 7

Shape poem and illustration by Ursula B., age 7

A drawing by Lizzy M., age 6



Wimpy Kids, unite!

This week, Kurtis Scaletta–popular published author & Loft employee extraordinaire-turned-teaching artist extraordinaire–is offering a class called Your Life is Hilarious: A Writing Class for Wimpy Kids, based on the popular Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series. He’s encouraged the students to write with lots of humor and no obligation to tell the truth. Here are a few examples of what they’ve come up with.

A Zoo-Wee Mama cartoon by Olivia G., age 11
The Zoo-Wee Mama punchline makes more sense (which is to say, it still doesn’t make sense) if you’ve read any of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

Another Zoo-Wee Mama cartoon by Olivia G., age 11.

By Owen H., age 10


A short story by Soren S., age 10.

Magical places from Fairy Tales and Myths

A really fun class taking place this week is called Fairy Tales & Myths: Write Your Own Story. Teaching artist Marie Olofsdotter instructed students to create a magical place and to draw a picture of it. The results are indeed magical.

By Lachen R., age 10

By Per A., age 10

By Nico A., age 9

By Ciara D., age 8

By Grace Z, age 10

By West A., age 10








A comic by Helena S., age 15

Helena S. from last week’s “Making Comics” class was kind enough to share the first page of the comic she worked on. Beautiful!

A dragon drawing by Ruby S., age 11

By Ruby S., age 11

We are a literary center, but we support visual art as well. After all, what good would books be without illustrations? Keep up the good work, Ruby!