The Loft Literary Center is a resource center for writers of all ages. On this page, we show off the work of our young writers. Want to show off your writing or get some feedback on what you are just starting?  Email your story/poem/picture to EJ (ejsmith@loft.org) and we’ll help you showcase your hard work. Excerpts and works in progress are totally fine.

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Incorporated in 1975, The Loft Literary Center is the nation’s largest independent literary center. The Loft supports the artistic development of writers, fosters a writing community, and builds an audience for literature. The Loft’s Young Writers Program is here to meet you on your writing journey and cheer you on to the next stop!

The Loft’s Young Writers’ Program serves children and teens within a wide age range. We strive to provide a welcoming, supportive, and uncensored environment for young writers to explore their creative writing talent and deepen their writing practice . Therefore, content generated in Loft classes by some of our older writers may not be appropriate for younger writers and readers. Please keep this in mind when visiting this blog with your younger children, and when clicking through to read the work of young writers from our teen classes. Thank you.


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  1. The future of creative writing is clearly in good hands!

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